About Us

Kalpesh Vyas is a talented singer, composer, music director and a well known Entertainment concept developer and organiser. He has a Masters degree in Education and Mathematics. He chose a noble profession of teaching. He has served at school and college levels for eight years. While growing up in Ahmadabad , India he along with his brother Chetan vyas have won numerous awards at the school, university, state and national competitions. He has won accolades from industry legends for the originality and versatility of his voice. His voice suits singing garba, bhajans, folk songs, hindi & gujarati gazals, marriage songs (Lagna Geet) and bollywood songs (old and new) . Kalpesh is also a naturally gifted composer. He has composed many songs for various music albums, provided music for many gujarati plays and given music for many university annual programs and competition. 

Chetan Vyas is  a gifted anchor, multi rhythmist , mimicry artist and a well known Entertainment concept developer and organizer. He has bachelor’s degree in law and masters degree in education and commerce.  He chose a noble profession of teaching just like his brother Kalpesh.  Chetan became an internationally recognized rhythmist at very young age of 17.  He accompanied Mrunalini Sarabhai; a well known dancer and Padmashree winner for an international cultural exchange program representing India in September 1989 for “Babylon international Cultural festival”, Babylon, Iraq. He also represented India at “Spring International Cultural Festival” at Alain, UAE in  Jan 1990.  Chetan easily creates the suitable environment required for program and an audience. He has unique ability to win over the audience.  He is commendable in languages like gujarati, hindi and English. He is professionally trained plays traditional instruments such as tabla, dholak, and dhol. He has also mastered western instruments such as  timpani, drums and octopod.  

As a team Vyas brothers are industry renowned music directors and Entertainment Organiser; who have traveled across the globe for the last many years.  They have become house hold name for Gujarati Light and traditional music in Ahmadabad and all over Gujarat. They have also won the hearts of many music lovers across the world through their repeated visits to USA, UK, Canada and UAE.
To know more about us pls contact us: info@kalpeshchetanvyas.com