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Vyas brothers are industry renowned music directors and entertainment organisers; who have travelled and performed extensively across the globe for about last 3 decades. They are associated with some of the finest and seasoned musicians, dancers, anchors, folk song singers, Ghazal-singers, Sufi-singers and sound and light technicians across the country. Having an experience of performing throughout the world, they have won hearts in USA, UK, Canada, Africa and the UAE. Today, they are an immensely trusted name in conceptualising, organising and conducting all types of musical programs for various occasions like weddings, corporate events, social events and religious events.

They also specialise in unique forms of arts and performances that have their origins deeply rooted in ancient Indian Shaastras and folk cultures of various regions.

In a nutshell, Vyas brothers are your one-stop-shop for all musical program requirements. You name it, and they have it under their vast portfolio!
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Kalpesh Vyas

Kalpesh Vyas is a talented singer, composer, music director and a well known Entertainment concept developer and organiser. He has a Masters degree in Education and Mathematics. He chose a noble profession of teaching. He has served at school and college levels for eight years.

Kalpesh Vyas has been fascinated with Indian music and culture since his childhood. Since his school and college days, he has been actively participating in all extra-curricular activities that involve music, dance, drama and various cultural aspects; and has won several prizes and accolades throughout. He has also represented Gujarat University at All India Inter-University Youth Festival. Today, Kalpesh has an experience of travelling the world, promoting Indian and Gujarati culture and literature at its roots. He specializes in vocals, semi-classical, classical, fusion and Sufi music; and has also organized various charity shows in India as well as abroad. He has performed with some of the globally acclaimed artists like Kalyanji Shah (of the Kalayanji-Anandji duo), Usha Uthhup, Nitin Mukesh and Siva Mani.


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Chetan Vyas

Chetan Vyas is an anchor, mimicry artist and a musician (Multi Rhythmist). He has worked at various fronts as a professional entertainment artist, concept developer for educational, social and religious programs, and as a trainer for skills and personality development programs and as a teacher at reputed educational institutes. He has bachelor’s degree in law and masters degree in education and commerce.

He has been regularly featuring in ‘Yuva Vani’ – a program aired by All India Radio; and has participated in several youth programs and cultural activities organized by Government of Gujarat. As a strong contender in extra-curricular activities during school and college days, he has participated in several programs like mono-acting, skits, mimes, singing, poetry recital and elocution contests. He has been repeatedly acknowledged by various print and digital media houses. As a multi-talented personality, Chetan organizes various events related to music, arts and Indian culture across the world; and has the distinction of performing with some of the globally acclaimed artists like Kalyanji Shah (of the Kalayanji-Anandji duo), Usha Uthhup, Nitin Mukesh and Siva Mani.


Live Performance Videos

Together, Kalpesh and Chetan Vyas have 11 albums to their credit (5 audio albums, 2 nonstop garba albums, 3 Bhajan albums and 1 video album of Bhajans).

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